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Mixing / Remixing

Mixing – Using a vast array of tools and techniques, our mix engineers precisely adjust every sound to perfection, making them bright, clear and punchy, then blend them so that they do not interfere with each individual clarity. Tuning and timing issues are rectified, and spacial depth and width are enhanced. We offer two different mix options to suit your budget. A full mix and mastering can often take a whole day, or even two full days per track. For this reason we offer the choice of a ‘Quick Mix’, in which two hours will be spent on each track, and a ‘Full Mix and Mastering’, for which we will commit as much time as it takes to get your song sounding as immaculate as can be.

Remixing – We can remix your song into the genre of your choice, or we can have a listen and decide what we think will work best. We take a great deal of pride in our remixes and guarantee a track that will provide a brand new piece of music, whilst representing the original beautifully.

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