Mastering is usually carried out on the audio file using a blend of various EQ, compression, stereo widening and limiting, depending on the style of music. Stem mastering is another option, where instruments are bounced individually. This allows the engineer to manipulate things individually and more precisely.

Producers – Have you mixed a track that sounds fabulous on your set up, but when you take it round your mates house it falls apart on their system? The benefits of good mastering on a finished product are undeniable. Your song will sound, clearer, brighter, bigger and generally better in many ways. It will ensure your song sounds great on any speakers, which is no simple feet considering every type of speaker sounds different.

We offer discounted mastering on everything we produce at Riverside, but are happy to offer a mastering service to anyone looking to make their music sound better. It isn’t necessary to make the trip to our studios to have your project mastered. We can pass files back and forth over the internet.

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